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COADQ (Confessions Of A Drag Queen) was discovered out of a few simple requests by college students; they wanted to learn about the "behind the scenes" of drag, and how one becomes their onstage persona. In 2011, founder Darnell Pierce, hosted the first COADQ event in Geneva, NY at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. The event was hugely successful. Since then, COADQ has partnered with a variety of colleges in the Northeast, and has expanded their event offerings to include drag shows, panels discussions, Drag Queen game nights, and more!

Entertain, Educate, and Empower
Darnell (6).jpg
darnell l. pierce 

Darnell has worked in the drag profession for over 15 years attending pageants, drag shows, backup dancing, serving as a dresser, and planning a variety of events related to drag and LGBTQ culture. Darnell is the Co-Owner of the Miss Gay Finger Lakes pageant which is held in Geneva, New York each April. Outside of COADQ, Darnell is in the Army National Guard, A Serena Williams fan, loves trying new food, and will never turn down a glass of wine. Full-time, Darnell has worked in higher education since 2008 and has worked primarily in residence life and student activities. Darnell graduated from the College at Brockport with a Masters degree in Athletic Administration, and, Bachelors of Exercise Science degree. Darnell is responsible for all contracts made with COADQ, and loves hearing how COADQ created a memorable experience for students!

Mike Mangus.jpg
Michael "mike" mangus
lead show host & Performer

Mike "Anita Waistline" Mangus has been doing drag for over twelve years and has performed all over the United States. Anita Waistline has won several pageant titles including a national title, Miss National Comedy Queen. Anita is a former Miss Pulse Orlando (2015) and has  been instrumental in raising money to support the families of the 49 fallen angels. Mike lives and performs in Florida and the surrounding areas. 

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fantasee island
lead show host & performer

Fantasee Island has worked in the drag entertainment industry for over 20 years. She was featured on the Ricky Lake show back in the 90s. She has performed at, and hosted over a thousand drag shows! Fantasee is known for her vibrant and creative costume designs, sassy MC skills, and her famous line...."If you can't hide it, decorate it!" Fantasee resides in Buffalo, New York. She joined the COADQ family back in 2011 when the concept was first imagined in Geneva, New York. 

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